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Her meditation studies began in India in the vipassana tradition and grew to include mindfulness while completing her medical degree at Queen’s University.

She has studied MBCT through the University of San Diego and continues her MBSR studies through the Centre for Mindfulness Studies and Dr. Treyvaud’s Mindsight Intensive. Her personal practice is a blend of mindfulness, insight based yogic philosophy and buddhist psychology.

In teaching yoga and meditation, she saw how fostering mindfulness allowed her students to live the same lives outwardly but with a different internal experience. With practiced awareness, there comes a natural shift in how we experience our stress, relationships, health problems and sense of self. She has seen the profound effect of harnessing this mindbody connection towards the pursuit of wellbeing in both her medical and personal practice, and is passionate to share and embody this with others. 

She joins the team at The Mindfulness Centre eager to expand her teaching to include Interpersonal Neurobiology, which is a core component of the MBSR-X program developed by Dr. Treyvaud and Dr. Macdonald. 

Dr Jackie Ang is a family physician and yoga teacher with an interest in mental health, cancer and palliative care.  

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