Mindfulness Community Group

The Mindfulness Community Group contributes to the development of a community of people interested in fostering mindfulness in their lives and supporting each other in dealing with the inevitable hindrances that come up along the way.

Group members span the whole spectrum from inexperienced mindfulness practitioners who have just started meditation training to experienced ones, who have practiced for many years and have attended Dr. Treyvaud’s 4-year Mindfulness Intensive. This gives the newbies a chance to learn from the oldies, and the oldies a chance to consolidate their expertise by teaching the newbies. To join the group prospective participants are required to talk to Dr. Treyvaud first.

The group is open-ended and does not follow any particular program structure. Anyone who has taken the introductory MBSRP or who has experience in mindfulness meditation can join anytime. The group meets every week in Dr. Treyvauds group room. The group is not led by a leader, but focused by a facilitator, who is democratically appointed by the group. A new facilitator must be appointed before the acting facilitator steps down. Anybody who is committed to mindfulness meditation can be a facilitator. Over time, people can take turns being facilitators. Unless invited by the group, Dr. Treyvaud does not participate in these group meetings.

The facilitator’s role is to ensure that the basic structure of the meeting is respected and to act as a liaison with Dr. Treyvaud’s Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction clinic. The basic structure of each meeting consists in at least fifty minutes of formal meditation practice, followed by the chance to verbally process the experiences of mindfulness meditation for as long as the group deems necessary. It is up to the group to decide how to structure the 50 minutes of formal practice and what kind of mindfulness meditations are chosen.

The facilitator is in regular contact with Dr. Treyvaud for the purpose of discussing organizational, administrative or group dynamic issues. He or she will not discuss with Dr. Treyvaud any personal issues, which arise during the group meetings. The purpose of the liaison between the facilitator and Dr. Treyvaud is to ensure that (1) this group remains a mindfulness-based meditation group, (2) that organizational and administrative needs can be addressed, and (3) that group conflicts, which the group does not feel capable of dealing on its own, can be properly resolved.

Doctor-patient confidentiality is completely and absolutely respected. Administrative and organizational issues that the group forwards to Dr. Treyvaud through the facilitator will be responded to and dealt with by either Dr. Treyvaud or his secretary Reena. The facilitator has no access to names, files or any organizational structures of Dr. Treyvaud’s practice. It therefore continues to be the responsibility of every individual in the group to contact Dr. Treyvaud directly, if personal issues needed to be addressed.

This group meets every week throughout the year for 2 hours on Wednesday nights from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in Dr. Treyvaud’s office. There is no break in the schedule, except for the one or two Wednesdays between Christmas and New Years. There is no fee or remuneration attached to any activity of this community group.

For any further questions you might have, please contact Dr. Treyvauds secretary Reena at (905) 3381386.