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In this workshop, the foundations of  mindfulness meditation as taught in our MBSR-X, including salient aspects of Interpersonal Neurobiology, are being reviewed.

with Marlene Van Esch, MSW
& Linda Macdonald, M.D.

Review, digest and consolidate

You have completed the MBSR-X or have other mindfulness meditation   experience, and you want a refresher helping you renew your commitment, review your practice and consolidate your gains. This workshop will provide the opportunity to revisit the most basic principles of Dynamic Mindfulness and clarify misunderstandings that may have crept into your practice. You will be exposed to a combination of necessary theoretical knowledge, direct practice experience and Q&A processing.

Participants will:

  • review the basic tools we use to ensure successful practice,
  • explore various meditation practices and learn to best use them,
  • define the mind and remember its embodied and relational
  • understand the connections between what we do in meditation and what is going on in the brain and body,
  • cultivate deep, penetrating awareness and the creativity that flows from it,
  • integrate meditation techniques to improve wellbeing and reduce stress, and
  • develop resilience and mindsight.

Anyone who has taken the MBSR-X/MBCT programs or with other mindfulness meditation experience, wanting to refresh or consolidate some of the most basic meditation principles.

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The Mindfulness Centre
Suite 407




Please arrange for timely arrival as we are starting on time.

Take the opportunity to email us in advance questions about mindfulness and meditation you already ponder and wish us to address during the workshop.

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