Mindsight Intensive

The Mindsight Intensive is not focused on an intellectual/academic journey, but is structured to be transformative, integrative and healing.

People who decide to make mindfulness a way of life or who already have mindfulness meditation experience can join the advanced, intensive mindfulness program called Mindsight Intensive. The weekly group focuses in depth on many aspects of mindfulness and runs throughout the academic year for 36 consecutive sessions. For specific information about this coming 2017/2018 academic year’s program please click here.

This program is intensive and provides an in-depth journey for people who want to make mindfulness a way of life and use its power to assist in the longterm maintenance of health. Based on the introductory principles laid out in the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Programs (MBSRP), the Mindsight Intensive is a mindfulness meditation program that follows similar workshop techniques as a way of providing an interactive and experiential learning experience. Every session is structured so as to include a guided meditation practice, group-interactive processing, lecture and Q&A periods, during which participants can address personal issues arising from their meditation experiences. This program is open to the general public, and particularly to those who already have some foundational mindfulness meditation experience.

The Mindsight Intensive  is not just focused on an intellectual/academic journey, but is structured to be transformative and integrative. Dr. Treyvaud’s aim is to help people get to the core of what is intrinsically and universally human. To this end students are encouraged to develop an understanding of the complexity of reality, and to embody the wisdom of freedom, kindness and love as a direct, living manifestation of reality and truth.

The curriculum is based on the principles of mindfulness and mindsight. Participants are invited to rigorously train their awareness potential. By deepening their expertise in using the tool of attention with a transformative attitude of curiosity, openness and acceptance, participants learn ever deeper, more stable and clearer ways of monitoring and then modifying the energy flow that we all are as human beings. Dr. Treyvaud emphasizes the primacy of somatic attention as the royal road to insight, liberation, and wisdom. To use a metaphor, it would be impossible to live a life on the second and upper floors of a house without having access to the first floor and the street. Mindfulness, mindsight, wisdom and liberation cannot grow without penetrating the body with awareness, without somatic grounding of our way of being. The curriculum emphasizes direct experience as a way of  honing one’s embodiment of mindfulness through deep practice. The teachings have their grounding in the art of embodied self-awareness through deep somatic penetration as a way of disidentifying from the tyranny of conceptual self-awareness.

We focus on the whole spectrum of our subjective experiences as they are created and constructed by the sixtine brain. Dr. Treyvaud bases the scientific aspect of his teaching on the contemporary discoveries of Interpersonal Neurobiology as it allows us to develop a view of human beings that transcends the split between body and mind. This incorporates of course the research findings of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and general neuroscience, as we explore the interface between brain, mind and relationships, and embodied self-awareness. Beyond what science can offer, woven into Dr. Treyvauds teachings are those from several meditation traditions such as Vipassana, the Tibetan somatic tradition, Yoga and Zen. Our practices hone our powers of concentration as a steppingstone for the later spontaneous arising of meditation with its process of allowing everything to be as it is.

The construction of subjective experience is not the only focus of inquiry. We also explore and develop our capacity to access pure awareness and orient ourselves towards the vast Unknown. Nothingness and emptiness are realities we get to know as we turn our orientation towards what is utterly beyond anything thinkable, imaginable and knowable, yet more real than all phenomena that can be known. Inspired by the non-dual traditions of Zen and Advaita Vedanta, we might be surprised to know that science has also some insights to contribute to this level of contemplation. Truth, emptiness and love are further priorities in our explorations as we follow a creative curriculum of undoing and unknowing. Knowledge and information are revealed as ephemeral and secondary to wisdom, faith and love. In addition to the development of our powers of concentration, we also focus on our ability to get out of our own way and the spontaneous arising of meditation as a process of allowing everything to be as it is.

We want to explore realities for which there is neither evidence nor even probability; this means finding the voice of Being by relinquishing the safe and certain shores of beliefs, seemingly sure knowledge and dogma. Drawing our attention to Being as the living experience of the numinous and finding words to express it brings us a step closer to giving birth to our own unique growth, consciousness and humanity. We expand our use of language into poetry, parable, symbol, metaphor, rhythm, rhyme and movement. These approaches mobilize embodied self-awareness from under the tyranny of conceptual self-awareness. We engage in the perpetual struggle to express the unexpressable small aspects of truth that elude us and open ourselves to the realm of the unspeakable and indefinable. In doing so we can reach much deeper into the mysteries of life. We also routinely mobilize the teacher in every participant. This means very active student participation where everyone is requested to prepare and plunge into the ocean of courage, formulate their wisdom and teach. This act of learning how to put the complex world of subjective experience into words deepens ones own wisdom profoundly and enhances ones experience.

This program is held weekly from September to June each year with a curriculum that spans 2-3 years. The group is held on Mondays from 6:30 – 9:00 pm. There are 36 sessions in total – 12 in the fall, 12 in the winter and 12 in the spring. Here are the exact dates. The programs are taught in such a way that people can join most any time and still develop a complete grasp of the whole teachings as they integrate learning with personal transformation.