Diving In

You won’t just come and sit like a brain on a stick, unaware of your body, hoping to be lulled in comforting words without consequence on your life;
you won’t doze through a feel-good sermon like those you endured far too many times in church on Sundays;
and you won’t be invited to a comfortable stroll through some marginally relevant amusement park of your intellectual world ….

You will instead experience what it means to feel and be in your body, to be disturbed out of your most cherished illusions and to jump out of your grandfather chair to become alive again, curious and adventurous, intolerant of stagnation, and passionate about this one and only life that is passing you by, right now.

Do you feel you owe it to yourself to dive beneath the appearances of life? Are you seeking more meaning and fulfillment? Then this guided contemplative day is for you.

These day-long mindfulness workshops provide an opportunity for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike to change gears for a few hours of our busy lives, take deeper breaths into the fresh air of a more spacious mode of living, and settle into a calmer, more grounded contemplative mode that allows for deep inquiry. See DAY 1 below.

Saturday, November, 28, 2015, 10am – 4pm.
Limited to 25 participants.
Please email the Yoga studio to be put on a wait list for this and future workshops with Dr. Treyvaud.

Cost: $225 + HST

You can either register online, or call Creating Space Yoga Studio at 905-337-3598.
All lectures are held at Creating Space Yoga Studio (address and map).


  1. Please arrange for timely arrival as we are starting on time at 10:00 am sharp.
  2. Take the opportunity to email me in advance questions about mindfulness and meditation you already ponder and wish me to address during the workshop.

Date: Saturday, November 28, 2015, 10am – 4pm.

We are caught in a global human crisis of disembodiment. Through our objectifying mind we have profoundly lost our connection with our bodies and with nature. The result is that we are on the slippery slope of driving our species to extinction. We live in a lifeless mental world, where touch is banned from schools, gesture and intuition is ignored in favor of possession, and meaningful time has all but disappeared. The hectic and sterile electronic world of social networks and limitless information bytes of the internet breeds people with a dismal attention span, incapable of seeing complexity. Craving depth, meaning and belonging, we then try to find what we seek in all the wrong places.

We will use lecture, guided practice, quiet contemplation and interactive dialogue to lay the foundations for personal awakenings. Through a series of somatic mindfulness practices we will penetrate our body’s apparent solidity to the point of realizing our identity beyond its boundaries. Mindfully examining our way of life in an atmosphere of open and compassionate curiosity, we will dare ask questions we would otherwise prefer to avoid.