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Light and shadow

The relationship between the darkness we face in both life and meditation, and the light we all so fervently seek. When I saw these little meditating skeletons ornate with a Santa hat, a whole slew of complex feelings and ideas came to mind, inspiring me to use them for a Christmas blog. I wondered how Coca Cola, Santa, skeletons, meditation, Christ and festivals of light such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Diwali are all connected? Sit down with a tea as I did, as we embark together in reflection, leaving entrenched belief systems you may have at the door waiting. […]

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Working With Anxiety – An Experienced Mindfulness Student’s Perspective

Managing anxiety and mindfulness principles For anonymity’s sake let’s call my student Sean. For years his anxiety was debilitating! He has struggled with it for about 30 years and sought help in many different ways, including counselling and medication treatment. After a course of individual psychotherapy with me, as well as intense involvement in the practice of mindfulness meditation, he eventually got to the point of being able to live without medication, most of the time symptom-free.  […]

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Kundalini Or Cardiologist? – How to Handle Symptoms during Meditation Wisely

Energy Patterns, physical sensations, and the complexity of the body-mind I recently received the following question from a mindsight student: “I was wondering if you could address something that has been capturing my awareness almost since I started meditating three years ago. I have brought to your attention several times, either through email or through direct conversation, several physical sensations that I have experienced during formal practice. These sensations often become borderline intolerable, (albeit they have lessened in frequency during recent months). […]

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The Integration Of Consciousness In A Dream

Understanding the Dream Experience Wherever you look, there is mind, and wherever is mind, the opportunity for mindfulness presents itself – that means everywhere and all the time. It is not just about meditation, but about insight into one’s inner world, empathy for others, and integration of the energy flow within ourselves and between each other. The stories we tell are part of the landscape of mind to be mined for the hidden treasures of meaning our illusions have so deeply buried. […]

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Thoughts Are Not Facts – Meditation

Meditation invites us to explore how thoughts are not facts This topic was recently discussed in the Mindfulness Community Group (MCG) as one some people have trouble with. A few participants offered helpful clarifications to help understand what is meant. I remained unclear about whether the discussion really went far enough, as it seemed to stop short of the core issue at stake. Here is a short synopsis to shed light on what I mean. […]

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To Be Or Not To Be?

Mindfulness is about how we live, not a theory to be indulged. Having the opportunity to witness fellow travelers and students expressing with succinct beauty and force how the directly experienced journey really looks like from within, always touches me. […]

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The Inner Mindset Of Navigating The Mind’s Complexity

Through mindfulness, we realize the potential for creative expansion The feel of the Mindsight Intensive program is exploratory and experiential. Many participants are familiar with many of the principles of Dynamic Mindfulness and Interpersonal Neurobiology. What we focus on is learning to play and be creative with this knowledge, so that it becomes life-transforming and integrative. In each session we practice meditation, interact as a group, and digest new nuggets of knowledge I present. […]

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Basic And Applied Mindfulness – A Short Introduction To Wisdom

Through wisdom we grow and find peace, to access the full potential of human consciousness. What I teach can sometimes feel daunting, first and foremost because the brain is the most complex object in the known universe, the mind even more so, and there is no way around complexity in teaching and learning about the mind. I also consider my students’ experts in their own subjective experience of being alive. […]

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The Lights Are On, But Nobody Is Home

The Nature of Mindlessness Your doorbell rings at 2 o’clock in the morning. Startled, you get up, make your way downstairs and open the door. A man stands before you wearing diamond rings and a fur coat; a Rolls Royce stands behind him. He is sorry to wake you up at this ridiculous hour, but he is in the middle of a scavenger hunt. He needs a piece of wood about three by seven feet, two inches thick. Can you help him? […]

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