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Reflection – Reviving a Dinosaur?

Reflection requires the development of mindfulness and mindsight. I am not a historian. Who knows how most people lived and thought in the privacy of their home before the age of Facebook. Through Facebook, I am told that a vague acquaintance of mine just made a bean soup, and the notification is accompanied by a picture of the said soup. Another one informs me of someone using a new deodorant, and why this seems to be a life-changing event. A third one shows off their new dog, obviously soaking in the accolades of friends expressing their admiration. Really? Should I care about soups, deodorants, pets, and whatever else the kitchen sink can swallow in other people’s homes? […]

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No Doubt – Meditation Is Complex And Not For The Faint Of Heart

Mindfulness and the complexity of Meditation. Contrary to common views, meditation is not only not simple, but also not easy – just check the Abhidhamma for example, the core of Buddhist psychology, if you don’t believe me. ‘Just’ paying attention to the breath, for example – sounds easy enough. What’s so difficult about that? […]

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