Jennifer Stone

Jennifer’s enthusiasm for mindfulness comes from her own discovery of being mindful.

Jennifer Stone is a Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain and Stress Management Teacher. Her academic career has been devoted to the study of Psychology, both individually and at the organizational level. Receiving a BA in Psychology from McGill University in 2005, and an M.Sc., in Organization and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics, graduating in 2007. For 10 years after graduation, Jennifer worked in the corporate world.

Jennifer’s enthusiasm for mindfulness comes from her own discovery of being mindful. 5 years ago she enrolled in a mindfulness course, which inspired her and led her towards professional training. Since then she has continued to learn at the University of Toronto’s Mindfulness Studies and is currently a licensed Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management (MBCPM) facilitator through the University of Toronto Continuing Studies and with the NeuroNova Center, training under Dr. Jackie Gardner Nix and Dr. Kim Mackenzie. To further advance her mindfulness practice she has been working alongside Dr. Linda MacDonald and studies with Dr. Treyvaud by attending the weekly Mindsight Intensive classes. She also facilitates with Mindfulness Based Interventions, which offers medically supervised psycho-educational group programs for individuals suffering psychological and physical chronic pain. She currently co-facilitates their MBSR and MBCPM classes. In addition, she currently teaches the Discovering Mindfulness class at the Mindfulness Center.

Passionate about self-growth, personal development and easing suffering, Jennifer uses her natural empathetic and genuine teaching approach to inspire her students to live mindfully by incorporating consistent, daily meditation as a tool to manage physical and psychological symptoms and conditions to live a life full of joy, opportunity and inspiration.

Jennifer is a competent and spirited clinician, who is always up for new challenges. She enthusiastically embraces new learning and applies it to her work.

Dr. T.