‘My name is Bond, James Bond – Martini please, shaken, not stirred ….’

This was the world a charming lady was reveling in when it was time to make the decision whether she was going to attend my lecture or not. After my last public lecture she came to share with me this delightful gem of life’s moments:

She had been in a quandary – part of her wanted to come, but she was seriously engrossed in a James Bond movie. As she began to ponder her options, she asked herself which approach to life she wanted to cultivate further: The eye-for-eye, tooth-for-tooth, tribal, reptilian James Bond approach, where macho Martinis are king and Adrenalin the drug of choice? Or the complex, socially engaged, integrative, loving-kindness approach, where gentle GABA reigns supreme, squirted by the medial prefrontal cortex onto the anxious amygdala to calm our organism down? She wisely chose the latter and expressed satisfaction for having done so. We both chuckled about this situation, and I thought to myself: “Is there anything more fascinating and exhilarating than exploring how we construct reality?”

‘My name is Ddha, Bu Ddha – GABA please, squirted, not stored ….’
I’ll have a gentle GABA over a macho Martini any time – shaken and squirted, not stirred and stored ….

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