Your Mindfulness  Journey in a New Year – 2020

As we begin a new decade and continue on the mindful path, on behalf of the Mindfulness Centre team I wish everyone a wonderfully wholesome, healthy, successful and peaceful new year. As we leave 2019 behind, we also leave some times of difficulty and other times of excitement behind.

For me personally, as many of you know, I have been somewhat out of sight as I had my right hip replaced in the summertime and required time off to heal. Unfortunately, the complication of a torn muscle required me to undergo a second surgery in December 2019. It has been quite a painful and at times anxiety-provoking experience that has been and continues to be both physically and mentally challenging. This has lent itself to much mindful learning, but not much teaching, writing or blogging. Fate seems to call me to listening duty rather than teaching, which is why I had to postpone teaching the Mindsight Intensive. Before the end of June I hope to still be able to present a series of advanced, intensive mindsight sessions, which will undoubtedly be imbued with some new insights from my ordeal. I am in the process of formulating several topics that swirl in my mind. Out of sight, however, does not mean out of mind, and with the help of our wonderful, small, but mighty team I have continued to contribute to the shaping of our Centre, while the team members were keeping the ship afloat.

In fact, it has been quite a productive year as three new programs were introduced at The Centre in addition to our MBSR-X programs. These included the Mindful Self-Compassion Program led by Linda and Marlene, Mindfulness for Low Sexual Desire in Women led by Alexandra and Marlene, and Mindfulness and Art led by Maria. These programs were very well received. Depending on teacher availability they may be offered again this year.

Particularly exciting for me was the re-writing, revising and editing of the new Dynamic Mindfulness manual which accompanies the MBSR-X program. This also included the re-recording of guided meditations and teachings we use in the program. Many thanks to Dr. Linda Macdonald for walking this at times arduous, at times exhilarating, path of writing with me. The complementary synergy between us has allowed our Centre to flourish and grow, in addition to helping illuminate our personal growth edges as individuals.

We are most excited also to announce the arrival of Dr. Jackie Ang to our team. She has begun assessing for the MBSR-X programs and will be continuing to train with us. She is a most welcome addition to the team and we look forward to the new life she injects with her kind, receptive presence.

So, cheers to the new decade with its offerings of new frontiers of possibilities, as we allow our minds to open to their inherent spaciousness and fill us with creative ferment and musings. This continues to be the core principle of our modus operandi, to meet challenges of our work in creative ways, challenge or modify accepted theories on the basis of our own experiences and re-formulate our discoveries through improved frameworks of understanding.

It is with much gratitude that I am able to realize the vision for the Mindfulness Centre through the collaborative efforts and interchanges of the wonderful team at the Centre. Thank you Dr. Linda Macdonald, Marlene Van Esch, Alexandra Peterson, Maria Hernandez, Reena Mathur, Barbara Boodhan and Dr. Jackie Ang.

Copyright © 2020 by Dr. Stéphane Treyvaud. All rights reserved.

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