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Bringing our Practice to
Reduce Racial Harm

While this year of pandemic has been disruptive and challenging in many ways, it has also created an opening, a space for greater awareness and urgency around issues of racial harm. Issues of racial harm can be both upsetting and overwhelming.  Our compassionate nature registers the suffering, yet our confusion makes it difficult to know what to do.  In this workshop, we offer suggestions on how we can bring our mindfulness contemplative practice to this challenging issue.

With Marlene Van Esch, MSW, RSW

Facing the implicit biases of growing up of in a society with systemic racism is uncomfortable, but mindfulness is a powerful tool to allow us to turn towards this discomfort. This workshop offers a brief introduction to educating yourself about white supremacy, racism, and what it means to be anti-racist.

By no means do we think a 90-minute workshop is going to solve this challenging issue.  Like mindfulness, it’s a life-long journey that requires commitment.  For those wanting to take a deeper dive in becoming anti-racist, depending upon interest, a more extensive program will be offered in the fall 2021.

Personal Note from the Teacher:

As a white woman who’s had the experience of living with white privilege, even with decades of cultural humility training, I was still quite ignorant of the depths of racial harm until I started my anti-racism journey three years ago. I understand you don’t want to feel guilty, to feel like you’re doing it wrong, or to say the wrong thing. My goal is to help you understand yourself as a racialized being so you can be more fully embodied and present with people who may not look like you. I am committed to anti-racism, and welcome you to join me on this journey.

People of all races, especially those with white skin privilege or light skin racial advantage, are encouraged to join us to further our learning as we work to become embodied anti-racists.

Registration is a two-step process:

1) Send a $40 eTransfer to mvanesch@mindful.ca to cover the workshop fee.

2) Choose one of the following dates:

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b) Saturday, May 29, 2021 Register here »

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  1. Payment Policy

The fee for this workshop is $40 and can be paid via eTransfer to mvanesch@mindful.ca.

  1. Cancellations

If this workshop is cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund. You will be contacted at least three business days’ prior to the start date of the workshop if a cancellation is made.

  1. Refunds/Exchanges

If you give at least five business days’ notice before the workshop’s start date you will receive the full refund less a $10 fee.
If you give less than five business days’ notice before the start date of a workshop no refund will be offered but you can apply the full tuition amount less a $10 fee as a credit to a future workshop/program.
No refunds or exchanges on the day of the workshop.

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Two Offerings (same workshop)
Friday, April 30 Noon to 1:30pm
Saturday, May 29 10:00 to 11:30am


Payable by eTransfer to mvanesch@mindful.ca

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NEWS FROM THE MINDFULNESS CENTRE, UPCOMING WORKSHOPS AND STIMULATING ARTICLES! #mindfulness #MBSR #stress reduction #Mindful Self-compassion #MSC #meditation #Yoga. PLEASE CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK: https://conta.cc/3tPsPS3

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