One of my students wrote the following email after a session of the Mindsight Intensive, in which I talked about the power of impermanence to cultivate presence:

“Your talk last Monday has had a profound effect in me (on me?). Specifically, when you said that if we reminded ourselves of the impermanence of everything, every time that our loved ones left the house, instead of taking for granted that we *will* see them later, we actually looked them in the eye and lived/cherished/embraced that moment with a sense of gratitude and love.

You didn’t use exactly those words, but these are the words that describe the feelings this awareness has brought to me.

Each time that I hold my son when he is being fussy before his naps or bedtime, I hug him a little bit longer without any feelings of tiredness, frustration or wanting to put him down quickly so that I can have a few minutes of alone time. I feel only the deepest senses of love, gratitude, happiness and calmness. In return, he has fallen asleep much more quickly and peacefully this week. Coincidence? Perhaps. A shift in my energy flow affecting his energy flow? More likely 🙂

Experiencing these moments in this new way brings tears to my eyes, every time. I’m not entirely sure what the tears are saying, probably many different things, but I feel that my connection with my son has deepened this week.

Thank you for dedicating your life to this work so that I have the opportunity to learn from you. I am so grateful to be in your presence each week and never take our time together for granted.”

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