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Stress Reduction
Dynamic Mindfulness

An MBSR-inspired meditation program integrating Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Product Details

Manual (345 pages): $45
USB key with 15 guided meditations: $20
Local shipping: $20

About the Program

This manual entitled ‘Stress Reduction Through Dynamic Mindfulness’ is the result of 20 years teaching experience in the field of stress reduction and mindfulness. It is the manual participants receive when they take our MBSR-X programs. With the manual come the guided meditation recordings we use in the program.

The manual is designed to be a resource after participants have taken the program. It cannot substitute for the importance of taking the program and working live with an experienced teacher.

The Manual


  • 12 sessions that build upon each other, each with various topics on the basic principles of mindfulness meditation.
  • Each session has
    (1) a practical section explaining the meditation techniques that are introduced,
    (2) a theoretical section detailing the background science and rationales for practicing mindfulness meditation the way we do, and
    (3) a ‘homework’ section for the week with daily practices.

The USB key


  • 15 guided meditations that students are trained in during the MBSR-X program.


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NEWS FROM THE MINDFULNESS CENTRE, UPCOMING WORKSHOPS, AND INFORMATIVE ARTICLES. #mindfulness #MBSR #stress reduction #Mindful Self-compassion #MSC #meditation #Yoga. PLEASE CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK: https://conta.cc/3PE2Id5

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