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For Corporate mindfulness programs


Every corporation or small business has a different culture, and therefore different needs we endeavor to meet in an individualized manner.

Many institutions, such as schools, hospitals and corporations, endeavor to encourage their teams to be happier, more focused and more engaged. They regularly approach us to provide programs to their staff.

Our approach consists in bringing mindfulness training to your office and provide whatever tailor-made programming meets your needs at that moment.

Employee Benefits:
• Emotional resilience
• Focus and clarity
• Effective problem solving
• Increased communication
• Enhanced creativity
• Greater emotional intelligence
• Decreased Stress

Organizational Benefits:
• Reduced sick days
• Increased retention
• Increased productivity and efficiency
• Greater job satisfaction
• Greater corporate loyalty

Offerings can include:
• Lunch and learn: Easy, informal information session on the world of mindfulness during the relaxed lunch atmosphere.
Basic Workshop (2-4 hours): Introduction to mindfulness meditation, including traditional definitions, science behind mindfulness, simple, easy and accessible instructions on how to meditate.
4- to 8-Week Mindfulness Meditation Series: This weekly program introduces the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation with a focus on well-being in the workplace. Topics include: fundamentals of mindfulness meditation, stress management, mindful communication, and creating mindful habits for health.
Corporate Retreats/Team Building
Guided meditation sessions offered on a weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis.
Yoga and movement classes

Pricing of our services depends upon length of program, number of people involved, seniority of our team member and travel time.


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Take the opportunity to email us in advance questions about mindfulness and meditation you already ponder and wish us to address during the workshop.

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