The Mindfulness Lecture in Numbers…

9 Seasons

22 Lectures
44 Hours
800+ Participants

It is hard to believe that we just completed our 3rd year of the Mindfulness Lectures. While the numbers are impressive, what they don’t reveal is the blended magic that has come from combining the Creating Space Yoga community with the Mindfulness Centre community. The product has been an incredible network of like-minded individuals which has created a curious, supportive and growing community.

I always walk away impressed by the diversity and intelligence of the group of people that participate each month. I feel very grateful and very proud of the slow growth of these lectures and the quality of information and discussion that is shared.

A big thanks to Dr. Treyvaud for leading us down this insightful path and an enormous thanks to all of the participants who join us each month. Only through a strong and active community are we able to continue to bring you these lectures. We thank you for supporting us. We enjoy spending the time with you.

Earlier this month we sent a survey out to those individuals who attended the lectures this year. The response was great and the feedback so valuable. It was so insightful that I wanted to share some of it with you.

Have a wonderful summer. We are excited for the upcoming fall lecture dates!

Robyn Bowman