A student told us a moving story. The other day he watched family movies from 20 years ago when his children were little. For two reasons he became very sad. It was only now, in a movie 20 years later, that he saw his young children for the first time; he now realized that 20 years ago he didn’t really see them at all. He was woefully absent and not present with them, busy doing all the wrong things right, preoccupied with life’s noise and the appearances of social correctness, swirling around on autopilot like a fruit fly in the good company of other fruit flies during a Christmas celebration with his extended family – in such a lovely place at such a lovely time with such lovely people, now wishing, 20 years later, that he had been there.

Brains on sticks – rampant disembodiment locking us in a conceptual world of driven doings, preventing access to the life-giving forces of the body that give meaning to reality and existence.

Presence means to be embodied, to have conscious access to the body as directly lived experience. Only then are we open to being present with ourselves and resonating with others. Only through our relationships to each other can we become who we are and come to know ourselves; and only through our relationship to ourselves can we resonate with others and come to know others. Without that feedback loop, without presence in our bodies, we are likely to be left with a feeling that life’s meaning is passing us by, that something deeply meaningful in life is missing, that life itself is passing us by, and that we have missed the most important time of our lives – this present moment.

Do you know how to develop free access to the cellular life of your body?

Stphane Treyvaud

Copyright 2012 by Dr. Stphane Treyvaud. All rights reserved.