All voyages end where they began and afford us the opportunity to see the beginning for the first time. On the way our ears and eyes open and our awareness awakens.

Whoever hears the Siren’s song is irresistibly pulled to go and see the Sirens. Once arrived, the Sirens destroy the visitor. Odysseus prepared to sail by the island of the Sirens by having his shipmates tie him tightly against the ship’s mast, so that he could hear them without falling prey to their irresistible song – the only way to be fully aware and not reactive. Meanwhile, he also ordered his shipmates to cover up their ears, so that they not only would not hear the Sirens, but would also not hear his own begging to be released in order to go to the Sirens.

Have you noticed your internal Sirens that shipwreck you day after day? ‘I have to do this; this is a priority; I am in a rush; I have no time; I have so much to do; I have too many obligations; I am too tired; I cannot abandon my duties; this is more pressing; the day has only so many hours; etc.’ Our stories we tell ourselves moment by moment shipwreck us on the rocky shores of autopilot island, from which there is hardly any escape.

Once we have achieved the goals we thought were so important, we are usually left devoured and empty by our compulsions, like addicts looking for the next fix, the next task to be done. Before you know it, your life has passed you by, having done all that is unimportant, and all that is important left undone. You then wonder too late ‘what is this all about?’, as you gaze at the cemetery not far away, filled with indispensable people.

Are you weaving your tethers that ground you and keep you from following the call of your internal Sirens?

Stphane Treyvaud

Copyright 2012 by Dr. Stphane Treyvaud. All rights reserved.