The river flows.

You have (likely) not chosen to be born. You grow, you live, you age and you die. You move, plants grow, life dies, the world moves. Even when all seems so still – a rock, a blade of grass in still air – the grass grows and the rock erodes; the earth rotates, orbits and barrels through space at breakneck speed; the universe expands, cools down and vanishes. Everything reappears again, somewhere, some time.

You have appeared as form and you are disappearing back into other forms andinto formlessness – in and out ofpure potential? You believe you are the uniquely separate form you became, like the wave believes it is unique and separate from the ocean. Your form’s consciousness deludes you with colorful displays of fireworks into a dream of self-importance, beyond which you cannot see the vast infinity of the nameless that you are.

You are the movement of the universe, stardust in fact, and through you the universe has become aware of itself. Did I say ‘the universe’? What is that?

Stop looking with your consciousness. Instead, become the awareness that is everything – the emptiness of numinosity.

With or without you, the river flows. Why try to push it and exhaust yourself? Why not begin to relax right now, surrender toitsflow and find out about its whispers, its intentionsand its inexorable laws, which beckon oh so gently, ohso insistently …

“hey you, I cannot see you – I AM”?

Stphane Treyvaud

Copyright 2012 by Dr. Stphane Treyvaud. All rights reserved.