People in Oakville do not realize what an incredible treasure they have right in their backyard. That treasure is you Dr. Treyvaud. I commend you for your wisdom, your dedication and your commitment to helping others like me use this incredible approach to everyday health and wellness.

Thank you for arranging these sessions and to Dr Trayvaud for presenting his work in such a thoughtful, thought provoking, gentle and humorous way. To me this is something everyone can benefit from.

Dr. Treyvaud has a very warm intelligence and a wonderful sense of humour when he presents, so I felt immediately quite comfortable and this then seemed to set the space for openness and learning. I found the set-up to be perfect and two hours just enough time. I think its great to have the series close together as I find for me personally, I became more entrenched in the learning and it becomes more quickly a part of new thinking & being.

“The series of lectures have made a difference in my life personally and professionally. I was able to take into my life what was presented and put it into practice in my everyday life.

In a nut shell I feel calm, relaxed, vitally alive and engaged in interactions with others on a deeper level. My mind is much more free and I find myself using my creativity and imagination more. It is like re-covering something that has been mis-placed!! Somehow it feels as if something MAGICAL has happened and I cannot explain it. It is a wonderful, joyful sense that I have not experienced on a consistent level before.”

“They (the lectures) were brilliant. I feel very fortunate to have such a resource as Dr. Treyvaud offering these kinds of programs locally!”
“The lectures are always a respite from the hectic, blaring, frenzy of other delivery methods of information experienced in our society.”
“You all rock!!””Keep them coming!”