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Our professional development activities have evolved from requests by various professionals interested in our unique approach to mindfulness.

What inspires the way we train
We approach the task of helping human beings from all walks of life by meeting the whole person in all their complexities. As teachers and therapists we are thus keenly aware of the need for an encompassing vision of the organism that we are, and how to approach the task of helping in the healing process by considering the complex interactions of all aspects of neuroprocessing and psychological meaning making. We therefore survey the mind in all its manifestations, from the somatic through to the emotional/psychological, existential and spiritual, and we freely marry mindfulness meditation, mindfulness-based psychodynamic psychotherapy and movement practices (such as Yoga) in their complementarity.

Elements of our training

So far, our professional development process is informal and gets tailored to each practitioner’s needs. The following are the available activities:

  1. Job shadowing, then eventually co-leading: This includes job shadowing Dr. Macdonald teaching the extended MBSR programs and Dr. Treyvaud doing psychiatric assessments and leading longterm psychodynamic therapy groups.
  2. Attending the Mindsight Intensive
  3. Individual supervision with Dr. Treyvaud
  4. Support in developing and teaching your own programs.

Training prerequisites

Prerequisites for getting involved in our professional development program are as follows (only 1 option has to apply):

  1. To have completed premed and enrolled as medical student
  2. To be enrolled in a Masters program or equivalent
  3. Have a Masters or higher degree
  4. Be a certified psychotherapist
  5. Be a certified mindfulness meditation teacher.

Supervision with Dr. Treyvaud: $160.0/hour
MBSR program job shadowing: $420.0 per course


Upon individual arrangement.


The Mindfulness Centre
Suite 408 and 407

See below.




Please arrange for timely arrival as we are starting our activities on time.

Take the opportunity to email us in advance questions about mindfulness and meditation you already ponder and wish us to address during the workshop.

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PSYCHOTHERAPY, UPCOMING WORKSHOPS AND STIMULATING ARTICLES! #mindfulness #MBSR #stress reduction #Mindful Self-compassion #MSC #meditation #Yoga. PLEASE CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK:

PSYCHOTHERAPY, UPCOMING WORKSHOPS AND STIMULATING ARTICLES! #mindfulness #MBSR #stress reduction #Mindful Self-compassion #MSC #meditation #Yoga. PLEASE CLICK ON FOLLOWING LINK:

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