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To participate, please request your family physician, psychiatrist or other medical specialist (has to be an MD) to fax a referral to 905 338 2717.

Your physician will then advise you when to call our office to book an individual assessment appointment (covered by OHIP). Depending on the nature of the referral, you will either be assessed by Dr. Treyvaud, Dr. Macdonald or Dr. Kelford. At the end of the appointment the doctors will review their recommendations with you. If mindfulness training is recommended, you will be put on the list for the next available program. For psychotherapy you will be referred to the appropriate practitioner if spots are available.

To be on the list and sign up for the MBSR programs you need to have met Dr. Treyvaud, Dr. Macdonald or Dr. Kelford for this individual assessment first.

With the exception of an optional $65 fee for course materials, the MBSR programs are covered by OHIP. They are held at The Mindfulness Centre in suite 407 in downtown Oakville.