1. To join an MBSR-X program, you need to first be assessed by one of the doctors at The Mindfulness Centre (Dr. Ang, Dr. Macdonald or Dr. Treyvaud). The assessment is conducted online.
  2. To book an assessment, first please request your family physician, psychiatrist or other medical specialist (has to be an MD) to fax a referral to 905 338 2717, specifying that it is for the MBSR-X program.
  3. Once you have initiated a referral with your physician, please contact us by clicking here and filling out the form to let us know you intend to register for an MBSR-X program.
  4. We will contact you once we have received the referral and your completed form.

At the end of the appointment, the doctors will review their recommendations with you. If mindfulness training is recommended, you will be put on the list for the next available program.