Mindfulness Community Group

This group will awaken your inner
teacher – the authority, voice, and intuition you've always possessed.


Inspired by student feedback, some twenty years ago, Dr. Treyvaud spearheaded a free mindfulness meditation peer group. The group follows a simple format: an hour of meditation followed by an hour of discussion. The group sets its own dynamic structure and independently decides on content that varies with time. The group offers support and an environment conducive for practice to those with mindfulness experience. There is no teacher involved.

The Group’s Vision and Mandate:

There is no fee to attend, and no external commitment or pressure. You can attend when you want and as frequently or infrequently as you want. No authority is there to feed your need to be told what to do. In full freedom, everything is up to you. The success or failure of the group session is up to you. The level of commitment is up to you. What you find are like-minded fellow travelers on the path of mindfulness, all flawed and human, talented and questioning, sharing and learning. Where is the authority to guide when it is nowhere externally to be seen? That is exactly the group’s mission – to foster the strengthening of your resolve to mobilize the inner teacher, the archetypal teacher in all of us, the already present vast wisdom of the organism that we are, and to not always look outside ourselves for the solution. This group invites everyone to listen, to hone their attunement skills, to find their very own personal song to sing, and to allow the inner teacher to begin to guide from the internal beyond. Its aim is not to find answers to your questions, but better questions to what you believe are your answers.

Multidimensional Learning:

If you think you can't learn from a group, this experience will challenge that belief. Discover the multi-dimensional learning that comes from shared experience.

This group challenges the traditional view of learning as just acquiring new facts. It emphasizes these dimensions:

  • Hidden Potential: We possess more wisdom than we realize. This group helps you tap into what is already in you to be developed.
  • Creation: Learning means actively participating, taking risks, and creating something new from what you have.
  • Beginner's Mind: Embrace the wisdom of your peers, knowing that everyone has something to teach. Find inspiration in the fresh perspective of others.
  • Repetition: Growth comes from practice. Repetition reveals new insights and deepens your learning.

Who Can Join and How to Join:

To join our group, you must have completed our MPSRX program or have an established mindfulness meditation practice of your own.

Apply and More Info

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