Professional Training

Before you can teach, you must have developed competence and excellence in your own embodiment of mindfulness.

Responding to requests by various professionals interested in his unique approach to mindfulness, Dr. Treyvaud accepts students who seek individual training. Such individual training serves to address the unique needs of the student practitioner.

Dr. Treyvaud likes to work with people from all walks of life by addressing the complexities of each individual. Central is the cultivation of an encompassing vision of the organism that we are, and how to approach the task of supporting the healing process by considering the complex interactions of all aspects of neuroprocessing and psychological meaning making. The mind is to be examined in all its manifestations, from the somatic through to the emotional/psychological, existential, and spiritual. To this end, mindfulness meditation, mindfulness-based psychodynamic psychotherapy, and movement practices (such as Yoga) are integrated as complementary disciplines.

Training Highlights:

The flexible professional development process is tailored to the student’s prior experience, training, and proficiency. It may start by taking the MBSRX program, and then joining the Mindsight Intensive. Practical involvement includes job shadowing, co-leading opportunities, and individual supervision.

Supervision Rate: $175.00/hour with Dr. Treyvaud

MBSR Program Shadowing: $800.00 per course

Flexible Dates: Arranged based on individual schedules.

Location: Online

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