Mindsight Intensive

An intensive, long-term mindfulness training embedded into everyday living to solidify mindfulness as a way of life.

After completing the MBSRX, or if you have other prior mindfulness meditation experience, and wish an in-depth training to make mindfulness a way of life, this program is for you. The Mindsight Intensive is structured to be transformative, integrative, and healing. It is a sort of boot camp, immersing students through mindsight into the direct and in-depth exploration of experience to discover how we create complex, sometimes unclouded, sometimes distorted realities we end up living by.

Focus and Curriculum:

The mind is the most complex phenomenon in the known universe, there is no easy way of exploring its depths and creating fundamental life changes. Our mind’s capacity to fool us is so limitless that only the most rigorous mind training will provide us with a fighting chance to mine its depth for the purpose of decreasing our suffering.

The program content varies each year and students find that it takes at least 5 years of participation to develop solidity and proficiency in their ability to embody everyday mindfulness to its full depth.

While the content varies every year, the methodical trajectory we follow is always the same:

  1. We begin with a detailed exploration of the foundations and principles of mindfulness practice. What participants may have learned in the MBSRX program gets reviewed in much greater detail.
  2. We then explore the territory of the field of consciousness - the nature of our ordinary waking consciousness we wake up to every morning. Here we find ourselves exploring the familiar world of the conscious and unconscious mind, the psychological connections between our childhood and where in life we happen to find ourselves, and the many ways we try to live our best life possible, often with limited satisfaction. This is the stage of psychosomatic integration.
  3. Slowly we begin to sense the limitations of this mode of consciousness and gain access to an expanded capacity for awareness that reaches more deeply into existential questions we sooner or later all face. Assumptions and certainties characteristic of the field of consciousness begin to crumble. We discover a dimension of reality that has always been there but remains hidden by the prison of our limited field of consciousness. The vast spaciousness of the field of nothingness opens up a profoundly transformative awareness mode that further deepens our ability to decrease daily suffering. This stage focuses on existential integration.
  4. As we become not only comfortable with, but consistently inspired by the ways the field of nothingness purifies the field of consciousness, a further, most integrated awareness mode arises as the foundation of everything. This field of emptiness reveals itself to be the integration of existence and non-existence, object and process, and ultimately also left and right brain functioning. The most profound release from suffering happens at this level of growth, often referred to as spiritual. This is the domain of spiritual integration.

Students are invited to first memorize and internalize the necessary meditation techniques until they become second nature, so that navigating the complex, and sometimes challenging weathers of the internal energy flow of mental states becomes manageable and fruitful. Throughout the learning process, students are encouraged to be radically true to their own uniqueness and modify their practice according to their individual needs. Special emphasis is put on skillfully adapting their journey to their special needs, especially when dealing with trauma requires one to work in a trauma-informed fashion. Knowing how to embody a resource-based mindfulness by mobilizing the necessary internal resources to meet the challenges we encounter on the way, is a central skill that is being taught.

Session structure and recordings:

Each session includes various combinations of these three elements:


Guided meditations and/or group exercises to develop proficiency in mindfulness meditation techniques that ensure success in developing solidity of the mindful attitude.


Presentations that cover various topics and provide the conceptual background that allows participants to remain consistently oriented in the right direction. Dr. Treyvaud’s presentations are embedded in a practice- and interaction-oriented process, ensuring an intensity of training that allows participants to examine the deepest layers of experience and penetrate the core of awareness.


Q & A provides participants the opportunity to not only ask questions but also be individually guided in the exploration of challenges they encounter on their path to progress.


Group process work that sometimes includes the use of breakout rooms.

Participants are encouraged to deepen their skills by occasionally taking the lead in guiding meditation practices. 
All sessions are recorded and the recordings remain indefinitely electronically available to students.

Cost and Access:

30 Mondays 6:30-8:30 pm | Oct 21, 2024 - June 16, 2025

Location: Online (Zoom). Session recordings, slides, and other materials are available indefinitely in an online student folder.

Cost: $1950.00

Administration: Punctuality is important and fosters group trust. Please make sure to log in well before the starting time to ensure you have resolved any technical issues beforehand.

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Frequently asked questions:

Who can enroll?

Those with a strong commitment to mindfulness, have at least some prior mindfulness meditation experience. Expertise is not required, only a passion for self-discovery and dedication to the transformative journey.

What is this program all about?

The Mindsight Intensive offers an immersive journey for those embracing mindfulness as a lifestyle for long-term physical, psychological, existential, and spiritual health. Although it is a transformative journey, it is not therapy, and thus open to the public. For tax purposes, the expense is considered to be educational.

Individual support and post-program follow-up

Patients and students who have participated in Dr. Treyvaud’s programs or are presently involved in the Mindsight Intensive, are facing challenges from their meditation practice or bothersome life issues, and would welcome Dr. Treyvaud’s opinion and insights, are welcome to reach out to Dr. Treyvaud for occasional single sessions (not ongoing, regular psychotherapy).

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