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As usual, this year’s program will introduce new topics not emphasized or explored before. We will expand our tools beyond mindsight to include mindful action from a deeper understanding of the power of the present moment. This program will be heavily experiential, immersing students into the direct and in-depth exploration of direct, intimate experience through mindsight, both internally with themselves and externally with others. Our goal is wisdom, peace, and equanimity NOW, not tomorrow.

Three inescapable existential questions we face daily are why there is evil in the world, what do we do with events and experiences we don’t understand and can’t make sense of, and why there is pain and suffering. None of these are questions that can be answered. Instead, they are calls for engagement in figuring out how to best live with the inescapable. I used to say that Buddha taught the inevitability of pain and the optionality of suffering. I have become more nuanced in my old age – both are inevitable, but with dedication and training over time, we can improve our capacity to bear suffering with greater ease. In this course, these three existential questions will echo from the background of our presence, and in meeting the challenge they pose, I see passion for showing up, curiosity for details of our subjective experience, and commitment to adventure and creativity in taking on our minds, as probably the most important principles we can learn to cultivate.

Topics addressed in the course will include the following:

  1. A review, deepening and consolidation of the transformation algorithm technique of mindfulness meditation introduced last year, including a closer examination of its creative potential for non-dual awareness. The mystery of transcendence at the core of Being can only be accessed through the exploration and knowledge of the soma that we are, as opposed to the body that we have (check out this blog for a short explanation). The exploration of that kind of depth of energy flow through the body is generally unknown in our culture, despite the fact that mindfulness is embodied and ubiquitously taught. The transformation algorithm practice honors this truth as it opens the door to vast possibilities of healing beyond the rational, scientifically known body that we have, thus giving us access to the nameless, timeless, and transcendental essence of Being.
  2. Touching upon research in near-death and dying experiences, we will explore their implication for life and mindsight practice. In this context, unusual phenomena occurring during that time and the universally observed shift into non-dual consciousness upon dying are explored. Synchronicity as it often occurs during the dying process, and its value in conferring meaning to our lives, will be included in our work on harnessing the power of now.
  3. An in-depth exploration of the present moment, including the close examination of intention and its power for transformation. We will learn to use intention to implement positive action, align oneself with the energy flow of the present moment, disidentify from thought content, and use negative emotions as transformative energy for healing.
  4. Learning to harness the quantum dimension of mind to work with beliefs and faith as forces of wisdom, serenity, and peace.
  5. Learning to understand the meaning of mystery and surrender to its 1000-year journey. This includes the appreciation of mystery as the portal to emptiness, the guiding principle on the path to transcendence.
  6. Expanding the power of mindfulness through imagery to emphasize positive healing energy.
  7. The spiritual dimension of mindsight, including non-dual awareness.
  8. Appreciating and learning to use the art of scripture as a linguistic and ritualistic force for transformation as opposed to a dogmatic precept for behavioral control.

It is the dimension of Being and transcendence we will learn to reclaim and I will focus on in this program – not only because it involves teachings that are being lost, but also because lack of access to this dimension can cause seemingly intractable symptoms and suffering. These can be mitigated and much better managed when we know how to access what lies beyond the rational, problem-solving mind, and tap into the vast, open plane of infinite possibilities of energy flow. We have to learn to align ourselves with the river of life in the present moment. This includes relating to nothingness and emptiness as the vast context of existence, as we endeavor to increase our permeability and transparency to the non-conscious source of all experience. We can then cultivate a sense of groundedness in the nameless source of the open plane of infinite energy transformation possibilities while living with equanimity peacefully and wisely NOW.

This program will be heavily experiential, immersing students into the direct and in-depth exploration of direct experience through mindsight. I will also endeavor to foster a sense of intimacy through student participation.

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