Mindfulness In Meditation And Psychotherapy

Was it not for a recent dream one of my patients brought into a session, in which a two-faced person appeared, I would likely not have started this blog with Janus. Consciously, my patient knew nothing about this Roman god. I concluded, that the collective unconscious Carl Jung described is alive and well even in this technological day and age of science and computers, where studying Roman mythology is hardly the main menu in our school curriculums anymore. […]

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In The Beginning Is Beginner’s Mind

Beginner’s mind is a notion that originated in the Buddhist Zen tradition, referring to an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when examining one’s mind. Maintaining beginner’s mind is what’s most difficult in mindfulness because we are customarily imprisoned by our mind’s incessant chatter. […]

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Mirror, Mirror … In The Brain

The mirror neuron A mirror reflects back to us what we cannot see directly. We cannot directly see the inner subjective experience of someone else, and yet the capacity to ‘put ourselves into someone else’s shoes’ is essential for human survival, good relationships, and health in general. What does it mean to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, and how do we do that? […]

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The Often Elusive Sense Of Who We Are

Occasionally, as during this past week, important insights of potentially universal interest arise from the work in self-exploration in my psychodynamic groups. What we can learn from the detailed work the group members were involved in, is worth sharing for the benefit of a larger audience. For reasons of confidentiality, no identifying details are mentioned of course. […]

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In The Beginning Is Now – Mindsight Intensive

The Mindsight Intensive course begins soon, and during the preparation, the notion of a beginning intrigued me. Not only are we at the beginning of an academic year, but to me, the fall is also the beginning of a descent into the unconscious realms of our psyche, in which we roam during the winter, and hopefully derive great benefit from the creative potential to be unleashed for the upcoming spring and summer. […]

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The 2020/2021 Mindsight Intensive Curriculum

As usual, this year’s program will introduce new topics not emphasized or explored before. We will expand our tools beyond mindsight to include mindful action from a deeper understanding of the power of the present moment. This program will be heavily experiential, immersing students into the direct and in-depth exploration of direct, intimate experience through mindsight, both internally with themselves and externally with others. Our goal is wisdom, peace, and equanimity NOW, not tomorrow. […]

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Long-term intensive group psychotherapy – a magnificent therapeutic modality in danger of extinction

In June of this year Dr. John Salvendy, co-founder and first president of the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association sadly passed away. In 1984 he became my group psychotherapy supervisor during my psychiatric residency at the University of Toronto. Within 3 years he taught me everything I needed to know to begin my own 35 years of group psychotherapy practice. […]

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Why Transcendence And Emptiness Are Pure Love

In my two blogs ‘Initiation Renaissance In Our Pandemic Times’ and ‘Wu Wei’, I wrote about a subjective, yet universally accessible dimension of reality that opens up like wakefulness emerging from a dream, when we train our minds to expand consciousness through successive stages of depth and integration, all the way to the realization of the transcendental emptiness of Being. […]

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WU Wei

Life unfolds between moments of doing something and moments of doing nothing. One is the opposite of the other in the same dimension of external appearances. Life seems to pendulate between the polarities of activity and rest. But that is just the surface. There is a third doing belonging to another dimension: Non-doing at the core of both doing something and doing nothing. This non-doing is the secret bridge to life's dimension that in its becoming and disappearing, arising and fading, is independent of whether we do something or do nothing. From the depths of this other dimension of life, or of Life (with capital L) if you so want, the law of Being manifests as one of the most essentially human characteristics - presence. [...]

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Initiation Renaissance In Our Pandemic Times

COVID is one of those unpredictable natural phenomena that throws the whole of humanity into multi-level turmoil, challenging much of how we thought we can live our lives. We are forced to reflect, review and rethink how we live on this planet, making it improbable to hold on to the old consciousness horizons we were used to. This can be seen as a form of initiation we are willy-nilly subjected to. […]

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