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Counteracting Our Mind’s Deceptive Ways – The Case For Careful Self-Monitoring

Counteracting Our Mind’s Deceptive Ways in Meditation The Case For Careful Self-Monitoring We constantly intend many things in life, but all too often what turns out does not correspond to what we intended. We then blame factors outside our control, rather than noticing that we undermine our own intentions. How so? A very simple mechanism plays a predominant role: We forget to self-monitor, assuming that once an intention has run out of the gate, the stars are properly aligned for all concerned neurofirings to shoot in the same direction as they do the intention’s bidding. This could not be more wrong! Just because we intend something, does not mean that our actions actually follow what we intend at all. […]

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How To Show Up For Transcendental Being

Transcendental Being Let me preface this blog with a healthy dose of reservations and skepticism. This topic lends itself to idealizations and unrealistic fantasies of deliverance from suffering the human mind is all too ready to indulge in. […]

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