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Spirituality – A Few Thought Snippets As Appetizer

A few thoughts about spirituality from a mindsight perspective. A friend of mine sent me the above picture of Northrop Frye with the following email: ‘Good morning, Stephane. Hope all is well with you. I was on campus of Victoria College at U of T yesterday (my Alma Mater) and noticed this fine gentleman sitting on a bench. Made me think of you.’ […]

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The Ontario Government Threatens A Core Psychiatric Treatment

 Seeking treatment for mental health through psychotherapy. The Ontario government’s proposal to limit OHIP funding for psychotherapy has sparked worry and outrage. Two recent articles in The Globe And Mail by Norman Doidge (April 6, 2019) and Ari Zaretsky (April 22, 2019) have addressed the issue from different perspectives. What follows is a short summary blog about this topic. Please also refer to my other more comprehensive blog entitled ‘In Ontario, a core psychiatric treatment is endangered’. […]

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In Ontario, A Core Psychiatric Treatment Is Endangered

Without access to long-term, intensive psychotherapy, psychiatrists cannot do the job they are specially trained for, and patients, our citizens, suffer immensely. Imagine suffering from a heart disease and being told that treatments for severe heart problems are not covered by OHIP. The Ontario government proposes to reduce funding for the most effective and powerful treatment available to address dysfunctions of one of our most important organ systems – the mind. If uninformed administrators have their way and your mind is in pain – depressed, sad, anxious, angry or stressed – you will be out of luck as OHIP may not cover one of the main available treatments many need – intensive long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy. […]

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