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Working With Anxiety – An Experienced Mindfulness Student’s Perspective

Managing anxiety and mindfulness principles For anonymity’s sake let’s call my student Sean. For years his anxiety was debilitating! He has struggled with it for about 30 years and sought help in many different ways, including counselling and medication treatment. After a course of individual psychotherapy with me, as well as intense involvement in the practice of mindfulness meditation, he eventually got to the point of being able to live without medication, most of the time symptom-free.  […]

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Kundalini Or Cardiologist? – How to Handle Symptoms during Meditation Wisely

Energy Patterns, physical sensations, and the complexity of the body-mind I recently received the following question from a mindsight student: “I was wondering if you could address something that has been capturing my awareness almost since I started meditating three years ago. I have brought to your attention several times, either through email or through direct conversation, several physical sensations that I have experienced during formal practice. These sensations often become borderline intolerable, (albeit they have lessened in frequency during recent months). […]

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The Integration Of Consciousness In A Dream

Understanding the Dream Experience Wherever you look, there is mind, and wherever is mind, the opportunity for mindfulness presents itself – that means everywhere and all the time. It is not just about meditation, but about insight into one’s inner world, empathy for others, and integration of the energy flow within ourselves and between each other. The stories we tell are part of the landscape of mind to be mined for the hidden treasures of meaning our illusions have so deeply buried. […]

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