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Long-term intensive group psychotherapy – a magnificent therapeutic modality in danger of extinction

Group Psychotherapy provides exactly the kind of safe, but intense transformative environment some of us need to heal deeply. On June 14, 2020, Dr. John Salvendy, co-founder and first president of the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association sadly passed away. In 1984 he became my group psychotherapy supervisor during my psychiatric residency at the University of Toronto. Within 3 years he taught me everything I needed to know to begin my own 35 years of group psychotherapy practice. […]

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Our COVID-19 Program Approach

Navigating our mindfulness and therapy programs in COVID times. Our government is following a general world-wide trend of beginning to loosen our social isolation so that society can get back to more ‘normal’ interaction patterns, work, and economic prosperity. Within this context, our team had to decide when we can start meeting with our patients, students, and participants in person again. […]

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